5 Ways to Tell What You Feel is Love at First Sight

Expression of attraction and Love by couple

Love at first! Is it real? Does Love at first sight actually happens and what are the signs to know what I feel is Love at first sight? How can I differentiate between Infatuation and Love at first sight?

There are so many questions of this nature constantly probing the minds of youths. Personally, I do believe in love at first sight, though I never can remember if I have experienced such. I think that's wrong; I have actually experienced love at first sight and it went on to be a beautiful relationship with her. I will say unequivocally that it was one of the best relationships I ever had. It should have been enough for a lifetime (marriage), but we were young and barely could keep the resulting pressure - we were so in love. Love at first sight happens, I can tell because of my experience and from hearing teens speak. But here's the real deal? How do you know it's really loving and not Infatuation at first sight? You're going to hearing from the horse's mouth in this article because I have once fallen in love at first sight and I can tell the difference between Love at first sight and Infatuation at first sight.


What is Love at First Sight

Love at first sight, according to Wikipedia, is a personal experience as well as a common trope or stock convention in literature: a person or character feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon first seeing that stranger.

Now that you understand the definition of love at first sight, I will begin by sharing my personal experience with you. I met her at our annual youth camp in Lagos, and we connected so quickly just from one glance. I couldn't take my eyes away. There was something angelic about Caroline and I least expected that the feelings from that distance as our eyes got locked, was mutual. To cut the long story short, I think we stole kisses right there at the camp and it was love thereafter. A beautiful two years relationship. We would play, dance, laugh, crack jokes and spend private time together alone in the room, we would kiss...but we never had sex. Two years relationship - the best I've ever had - please don't judge me, I know I'm married.

That was what it felt like to fall in love at first sight. Sometimes I like to share my personal experiences in my blog articles, and I don't know why I do this. It's best to own up to my personal feelings before I place myself in the mirror of others. Being a relationship expert is not just a discipline; rather it's a call. It takes years of experience, research - books, tapes, discussions, and listening to others. I have been through it all; I've seen why I failed in some, and I know how I learned to be a better man today.

Love at First Sight from Natural Point of View

Love, at first sight, is an amazing topic, and what you'll read in this blog article will instruct you and inform you. Love, at first sight, can be the best form of love if it's allowed to grow. The perfection of chemistry experienced in love, at first sight, is immeasurable and in a way, considered to be magical. If it's true love, then it takes over you and you could do anything for that person. Sometimes, love, at first sight, builds up naturally. It establishes instantly, but connection comes after a few meetings. The truth is once love, at first sight, is established in the first meeting with a stranger, the picture of the person never leaves you. It's glued, and you find yourself not thinking canal, but there's this desire to just be a friend, and behold her face again. If what you see in your meeting has any traces with her physical attributes, then it's possibly not love at first sight. You're merely infatuated or canal. Love, at first sight, is always abstract. Love, at first sight, is something out of the blue. Like Prince Charming and Cinderella, you can't just place a thought on why you're so attracted to her. It reflects through your subconscious mind and becomes a curiosity. You're fascinated and unexplainably distracted, and good for you if the feeling is mutual.

Love at First Sight from Biblical Point of View

Adam fell in love at first sight with Eve, and I guess you can only imagine what happened thereafter. Genesis 2: 23-24

The Physical Attraction

Adam was awoken to see a beautiful damsel and Eve was a perfect sight to behold.  This wasn't about her physical features, rather it's the perfection in quality that he embraced. 

Isaac fell in love at first sight with Rebecca and they lived happily ever after. Genesis 24: 63-67

The Mutual Attraction

From the onset, it was Rachel's choice to meet this mystery man, as much as Isaac was also in expectation. Rachel recognized the man after her heart immediately and both established connections mutually. Let's say that was a Divine Arrangement.

Jacob fell in Love at first sight with Rachel and decided to work extra years to win her love. Genesis 29:10-30

The Principle of Patience

Jacob kissed Rebecca's hand the very moment he met her. He longed to be with her and went further to serve additional years under Laban for the love of a woman. Sometimes love at first sight could take time to gather momentum. There could be an establishment today and a connection, even years later. I have seen school lovers who went their separate ways for years and ends up getting married.

In 2nd Samuel, some argue that it was lust at first sight for David, but I don't share that notion. Considering that there were lots of women at David's courtyard and all around Jerusalem at that time, but he saw and fell for Bathsheba, though in a rather ridiculous way. It was love at first sight, but what happened was that he came in contact with her naked body, and the emotions were triggered. The Lady wasn't his property, but he was the king. The kingly pride overriding his conscience. It was definitely a hijack, but not lust. He loved her and felt that she's deserving of a king. Come to think of it...why did Bathsheba go to take her bath there if the feeling wasn't secretly mutual? Lolz

The Enthronement

This particular style of love, at first sight, is peculiar among Kings and the Rich and Famous. They see what they like and go for it. In David's case, he tried to be human, in the sense that he attempted to cover his deeds and wanted Uriah to meet his wife, but he, Uriah, was so overwhelmed with loyalty, and consequently, David had no other choice.

Love at First Sight from a Scientific Point of View

It could be embarrassing sometimes when you meet someone for the first time and genuinely fall in love at first sight with that person. The truth is you don't have to be embarrassed. What you're feeling is entirely not your fault and sometimes just happens naturally. Though some people are still skeptical about the process of attraction and the possibility of loving someone, at first sight, science has proven way beyond that. Research has classified into two the bases in which one can love at first sight. First of all, is the first two minutes of meeting that person, and the second determines if it's going to be a longlasting relationship. 

Have you ever wondered why someone you find so attractive and could literally die for is in fact the very opposite to another person? Have you also wondered why among the many people in the hall, you find this person so attractive and can't take your eyes off them? This is how it feels to fall in love at first sight. Truth is that your body science and other biological and natural factors surrounding you are far more active than your eyes. Yes, it is these body factors that emits the signals - your eyes only react. It's either a lustful signal or love.

Science has made us understand that the very moment you feel attracted to someone, you somehow, from your subconscious mind, checks out a whole lot of things about that person: their genes, hormones, personality, and even, cultural and religious backgrounds. This information is what you take home from the first establishment. All these things will fade away in no time if it's lust. Again, if it's lust, this information will be replaced by the physical body shape of that person and the prospect of sleeping with them. At that point, you discover that what you felt at that time isn't love at first sight. Instead, it is lust at first sight.

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