5 Amazing Love and Friendship Poems By Anthony Chikadibia Agada

Five amazing love and friendship poems

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Love is unlimited in expression, this is why I have posted just five of my old poems here for lovers. These collections of love and friendship are amazing and I am sure you'll find it interesting. Please enjoy. It's my poems and they are very much free to be used and widely distributed so long it's not for commercial purposes.

5 Amazing Collection of Love and Friendship Poems by 
Agada Chikadibia Anthony - Author, 2becomes1.co


Where on earth would be better than your heart?
A special place to live in
Carefully nursed like a growing fetus
Remembered with deep and caring affection
And bonded by love
Like the umbilical cord that holds
A mother and her unborn baby
Never letting go, in harms and arms,
Neither, too, falling apart

I have searched to find a home,
As much or better
But none ever before, and none ever will be,
And none in my life after
Can stand in comparison to thee,
My one true lover
I crave for no other love other than thine,
Both now and forever 

If only you know the feels
In each of your smile and touch
You will realize how meant, more than the universe,
You are to me…I love u so very much


This day is especially reserved
To celebrate lovers of a kind
What you do with your valentine
Depends on the state of your mind
Your quest for a soul mate
Somehow today you may find
A date or more will help you know
If your feelings can mutually bind

I love this day because only on this day
Do love comes above the rest
Wars and hatred of this world is kept on hold
And peace reigns at its best
Everyone’s mind is preoccupied with kindness
And no one thinks of himself first
But if perchance you suffer a broken heart,
I think you should regard it as a love test

In the spirit of Saint Valentine
I have a gift for you, my lover
My heart and my body – my love and trust
Belongs to you now and forever
I love you today, tomorrow, and always
I love you from January through December
I will love you season out and season in
In springs; I will love you in any kind of weather

Through the years I have come to understand
Indeed what today truly meant
It’s not just about the gifts, the flowers,
Parties, hangouts, and the entire beautiful card sent
But the joy and happiness truly shared
And the precious moral lessons learned
Helping a brother in need like Saint Valentine
Will also be worth your day spent


When I look into your eyes, I see eternity
This is home, where I want to be finally
You are not perfect, but you know me truly
You can tell when a man’s heart is lonely

Your healing smile got me falling on my knees
Please do not leave me, don’t break my heart in a piece
These are the greatest days my eyes have ever seen
I got myself questioning, all this while, you should have been

In every possibility of your dreams coming true
I want to share with you
When it seems like the world is clamping down on you
I want to see you through
If you need a friend to walk right beside you
Let me be the one to
Through the days and nights
In darkness and in light
Let me color your world anew

They said you are not the girl
But I am thinking about ringing the bell
Wrong or right, my love is true
And I will never stop until we say I do

Should we let them take everything 
That means everything to us
We will fight and brake down 
The strongest force

In every spoken word, and in those hidden thoughts
In every sunshine, and rain or snow, at all times, cold or hot
I want to be the one you call upon, my lover
Forever, I do promise to be your cover

I want to share with you all that I have 
And even as your lord, only you would I serve
In all situations and through the tides of the ocean
In every burning passion and sweetest of emotion

So hold my hand
Only you understand
When a man goes out
And nothing turns around
I won’t let go of this love I’ve found
I want to share with you
Every moment of your life
You don’t even know how much 
I need you for a wife
You are not the type of girl after my pocket
You and I together, we make a dream ticket


As we walk down the aisle today
Darling, I have one more thing to say
Trusting that your heart is forever mine
And all the way happy- rainfall or sunshine

I love you so much- so sure I do
Deep down I believe you feel the same for me too
And if a day like this would repeat a million times over
Dearest, you will still be the one, even in my life after

I am not a perfect man, this at least you know
Whenever I miss the point, please do let your feelings show
Before we are pronounced as husband and wife
All of me I give to you, now you are the keeper of my life

And though sometimes I might make you cry
Oh! My Sweetest, but if only we try
And if there are reasons why we must nag or shout
With love I believe, we will work it out

I knew a thing like this would one day take place
Ever close to me my Baby, body, and soul, until the end of days
And as we are about to be united forever,
I promise eternity will find us still loving each other 


When I came to town newly
I had no friend
Then I met a couple of people
But we just don’t blend

I needed someone truly 
With a mind to love and care
A company so close,
At all times to share

I don’t want a friendship that will start and finish
Before it really began, 
I pray for the one to relish,
Someone close to God true, not a member of a gang

I don’t want a friend 
Because I need to talk and play
I want a Godly partner 
To go to church with on Sunday
Not a “Self Certified Saint – (SCS)”
Who crucifies my daily takes
But an endearing tongue whose words
Help to correct my mistakes

I need a friend that will lead me right
With me to stand through the days and nights
Yes, a phone call
But that’s not all

I would also appreciate sincerest bugs
Just to say I care so much
And when my friend needs me to stay
I would be there with a golden touch

When your world seems lonely 
And with shapes of so many thoughts
I know sometimes you need someone true
To help a little with those ugly dots
I offer to bear some portion of your daily scar
Be me near or far
When the road seems rough,
Chi, I could be your traveling car

Remember most times we are what we think
A man’s heart can be seen in every blink
So you need not fear what the day will bring
For many beautiful reasons, for you, the nightingales will sing

I wish I could say that you are my love
Because among all my friends true
You are the first and the best,
And truly above

5 Amazing Collection of Love and Friendship Poems by 
Agada Chikadibia Anthony - Author, 2becomes1.co

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