How to Make Money: 28 Things You Must Do to Become Rich and Successful in Life

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There are many articles that focus on how to make money, how to become rich and things you must do to become rich, but here we present to you a complete guide and list of things you must do to become rich. Becoming rich is not easy especially when you're from a poor background like me, but with this special list, you'll find it really helpful, motivational, and easy to become rich.

You tell yourself that you want to become rich and successful at a young age, and you're probably searching for what to do to become rich as a teenager. Even if you're an adult, this complete list of the 28 things you must do to become rich and successful in life is actually a five years plan if you start now to build yourself on it.

1. Hard work pays

Don't just stand far off, clean. Get in the mud - that's where diamonds are found. You have to really work hard. Rome was not built in a day, therefore being wealthy cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time and consistency. One good shot is not enough. You have to keep trying to get better each time. If you want to become rich, you have to really work hard.

2. Fight for what you believe in - don't give up

Wealth is not gotten from the comfort zone. Everything isn't going to fall on your laps like that. You have to go out there and get it. Fight for it. Nothing will work if you don't make it work. There's always an atom of luck in everything, but the possibility of luck is accelerated through hard work. Luck is defined as cause and effect. If you want to be rich, you must work towards it.

3. Set your goals and know your priorities

A man without a plan eventually plans to fail. In the journey of becoming rich, you have to set your goals and know your priorities. A life without a goal is like a stray bullet. It is almost certain to end up in regret and pain. You have to know what to do and how to do what you want to do. Don't let money be the lead motivation. Yes - the reason for all of this is to become rich, but if you're preoccupied with the financial gains alone, then most definitely you're bound to crash at some point. Your dream should be your passion. Go for it like it's all you've got. Look out for problems and provide solutions that will keep your customers happy and satisfied. If you want to become rich, ask yourself in your private time - what is my motivation?

4. Make use of your talent

If you want to become rich then consider using God's given talent. Yes, make use of your talent. Talent is basically that exceptional thing about you that you are very good at. Now it's time to activate those exceptional qualities that stand you out from the rest. Applying these stand out qualities will help you a lot in achieving your dreams faster. The kind of talent I am talking about here isn't attributed to physicalities alone, like sport and music. I am talking about the talents of good speeches, being able to convince a customer to buy a product, and writing a breathtaking marketing concept. If you want to become rich, this category of talent takes you up there real quick.

5. Segment your goals

Now that you have discovered your goals and you know your motivation, it's time to split these goals into stages and categories. You cannot achieve all at once, so you have to split them according to the order of importance. Your priority should first be the ones you are most likely to succeed in with regards to competition. Then the next thing to do is to create a plan and follow it. If you want to become rich you must set your goals, know your priorities, segment your goals, and create a plan and follow it.

6. Be unique

Categorically, a major financial break comes in being unique. Looking out for a specific and special value to add stands yours from the rest. Don't do it because it's everywhere and easier to sell. Find something no one else is into or just a few are into and give it a push. Do you know that you command greater authority in selling your business plans if your project is unique? Top investors are always looking out for unique products and services. So if you want to become rich, you must be unique. If you're unique you'll remain valuable and people will always come to you. This is a common trait among rich men.

7. Take risk

You must be really ready to take the risk. The difference between the poor and the rich is the ability to identify a good risk and going for it. I understand that there are exceptional risks that are reserved for exceptional people; but the issue here is, why don't you make yourself exceptional. The reason many don't take risks is because of the fear of failure and loss. But if you want to become rich and stay wealthy, you have to understand that there are some risks worth taking. These risks are normally not designed to succeed because they look rough, unrefined, and scary most times; but the risk taker designs them himself for success. There's always a valuable lesson learned even when a business risk fails. In taking any risk, you have to study the risk carefully while assessing the risk with your team. The bottom line is you don't have to wait until everything is ready, you have to get there and pave the way yourself. Most billionaires are pioneers.

8. Give yourself a tax

The idea of taxing yourself is far different from setting your goals and working hard to achieve it. Taxing yourself is like putting a time frame into what you want to achieve. Take for example someone earning $500 monthly - taxing himself towards achieving a certain goal is like him saving $400 or more from the $500 he earns monthly. Tasking yourself sometimes is like inflicting yourself with injuries. You ultimately focus on what you want to achieve irrespective of what is falling around you.

9. Think of getting a rewarding job

If you're not yet ready to be an entrepreneur, then getting a good and rewarding job should be a serious option you have to work towards. I have to be blunt here; unless by some sort of grace and a very strict habit of saving and investment knowledge, mediocre and low paying jobs can not shoot your dreams high. You have to either get a good and rewarding job, work towards getting and executing a contract, get a loan with a project in sight or seek out to provide solutions in mass.

10. Having multiple streams of income

Like I said before, the biggest a low paying 8hours job can give you is a pension. But when you add another stream of income to it, then you're guaranteed to survive better financially. Jeff Bezos of Amazon wouldn't be what he is today if there's just one branch of Amazon. This advice you get here today is in fact supported by the Bible in the Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 11 vs 2. So investing or having multiple businesses is very paramount if you want to become rich.

11. There are sometimes no rules in networking

Networking is about sharing in other people's interests and they sharing in yours too. You should network with anyone and everyone. The people you network with can change everything within a twinkle of an eye. There's power in networking especially when you have a great idea. Don't be afraid to mingle if you want to become rich.

12. Discipline is a vital key

Financial discipline is one major rule when you're aiming to be rich. You just have to learn to control and adjust your spending. Of course, there will come a time when you have to lavish and be extravagant, but as long as you're still trying to get up there, you have to imbibe the spirit of prudence. Luxuries are meant to be bought last, not first.

13. Hangout with like minds

It is of importance to note that the saying 'Bird of the same feather flock together' is very critical if you want to be rich. Hanging out with people who are not in line with your dreams will bring about the diminishing, evaporation, and vanquishing of your dreams. You have to select the kind of friends you keep and be sure that they share in your vision. You have to hang out with people you'd like to walk in their steps. People who will inspire you to greater heights. You don't make friends with doubters, instead, you make friends with believers. Those who can create big things out of nothing. These are the kind of people you should flock with if you want to be rich.

14. Less time on social media and TV will do you more good

Rich men buy expensive gadgets like TVs and Phones. They have numerous followers on social media, but the irony of it all is that they barely have the time to sit and watch TV, nor do they have the time to respond to every message and comment on every post on social media. So it's about that time that you start spending your time wisely and reduce the effect of social media and TV on your dreams. Be addicted in fact to your project and spend more time driving your dream farther.

15. An 8hours Sleep is good but not now

When you start getting busy and getting results, you'll come to realize that sleep is a luxury you cannot afford all the time. If you want to become rich, it's almost certain then that something would keep you up late at night or make you wake up very early.

16. Blame no one but you

Taking responsibility when things go wrong is an essential quality of a leader and it's called maturity. As you know, rich men are usually leaders. So if you want to be rich, you must learn how to own up and take responsibility. Stop blaming others when things are not going as planned. Look from within and discover the corrections that are needed to make it work next time. If you're still trying to be rich, you must totally do away with blaming others for your failure or current predicament. Listen, you're the driver of your own destiny, so stop the blame game and take charge.

17. Don't procrastinate

Pay attention to all the details of your dreams and projects. Do it today what has to be done today. Procrastination is a theft of time, remember. So if you want to be rich, you'll have to take very seriously the gift of each day and stop procrastinating.

18. Rich men are usually punctual

This is factual. Punctuality is the soul of business. Rich men don't joke with time. Yes, they keep appointments and are normally the first to appear. You cannot have anything to do with a rich man if you're not the punctual type. If you want to be rich, you must learn how to keep time, stop making excuses, and be punctual. Remember, time is money.

19. Fear Not

The Holy Scripture, The Bible, emphasized a lot about doing away with fear. Fear of the unknown weakens a man's motivation to succeed. You keep asking yourself if this is likely to succeed this time - sure you tried it the other time and it failed, so putting that in mind, you're scared if this one will work. You don't have to be afraid. There's no height you cannot climb if you believe in yourself. It might take a while but it will surely be. You have to believe in every effort you make because who knows the one that will eventually make the difference.

20. Patience is a priceless virtue

The truth is patience is a priceless virtue. Without patience, you can easily miss your target. You have to plant the seed, water it, and wait for it to grow. Impatience kills the spirit of success. Impatience drives you to take unnecessary short cuts that point at damnation. By patience, I don't mean that you just have to stay doing nothing while watching the seed to grow. You have to get busy; clear the weeds around the plant and be attentive to its development. Patience comes with perseverance. Keep trying until you hit the target.

21. Say no to low self-esteem

There's a saying in the Yoruba culture that one should learn how to reject in his poor state the things he cannot accept when he becomes rich. This saying worked perfectly in my life. You have to start from now to have high esteem. People's views and opinions about you largely depend on how you present yourself personally. So, if you've been looking down on yourself, it's time to stop. You must give up every form of low self-esteem if you want to be rich. You should continue to thrive in the knowledge that you're different, unique, and special. Be yourself at all times. There's no one out there that looks like you. You are you and you're definitely going to succeed.

22. You can't beat the reach

Yes, you can't just estimate the reach and how far you can excel by acquiring knowledge. You should also study and learn from the lives of rich and successful people. You must cultivate the habit of reading books, attending seminars, webinars, and check out articles like this one. All these prepares your mind for success; the pain and the glory ahead. Remember that readers are leaders.

23. Be an entrepreneur

The biggest of them all is being an entrepreneur. You are 70/30 more likely to become rich as an entrepreneur than a salaried worker.

24. Be Optimistic

As you think about what problem you can solve and how you can solve them, you should also remember to add a little faith and prayer to it. The bottom line is you just have to be confident and optimistic about the solutions you offer. Optimism defines an effort. You just have to be able to identify why you're better than others in providing a particular solution for a particular problem. You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in the dream; the mission and vision of the dream. You have to be optimistic about every move you make in making your dream come true. A little faith here and there will take you up there, yet with optimism added to your faith and prayer, the sky will no longer be your limit. You can fly beyond the sky with firm optimism about the solutions you have for a problem. If you want to become rich you have to be optimistic.

25. Be an Investor

You can learn the power of investment from the life of Warren Buffet. It's not about your business alone, you have to invest in other people's dreams and interests. You should also invest in startups and already established companies. The more you invest, the more dividends in stocks and bonds you get to achieve. Do you know that some people do not even own a business of their own, but they are as rich and wealthy as the companies they invest in? If you want to become rich and successful, you should explore the world of investment with the advice of a stockbroker.

26. Almsgiving is very important

Helping people increases grace and mercy. I will dive a little bit spiritual here, please understand. Blessed be the hand that giveth than the one that taketh and of course, givers never lack. Simply put, the blessing of almsgiving is - increase. A giving hand is a happy mind, and the direct implication of a happy mind is - success. The truth is that 98% of givers tend to be rich and successful in life, even if their endeavors are negative (crime). Yes - but it is a sad truth. This truth is in accordance with nature. If you follow the law of nature concerning giving (with your whole heart), you are most certainly going to be rich and successful, in fact, with little effort.

27. Give back to society

When a blog like mine or an organization does giveaways, it isn't that they have made so much money. Rather, it's about the appreciation of the source that keeps their business afloat. It is a business strategy to appreciate those that made you what you are. The major goal of starting up a business is getting patronage from the public and when you start having such patronage in mass, it's only normal to show back some love with a raffle draw, giveaways, sponsoring a social event or donating to charity. It helps in giving your brand a face - a caring face and attracts even more customers. So if you want to be rich, give back.

28. And always be grateful

Be grateful for whatever you have been able to achieve so far. A grateful heart attracts more favor - It is as simple as that. Learn how to be grateful even in failure now so that you don't run into unexpected and unnecessary health complications when there's a major meltdown in your business at any point. Oh! I guess I have not informed you, the truth is you're going to experience storms and shakeups at some point. But with a grateful heart, you can always rise above these storms and come out bigger, stronger, and better. If you want to be rich and successful, learn how to be grateful.


We have carefully selected this list and can authoritatively say that there are no better and more complete guides out there to help you and motivate you in becoming rich and successful in life. Now that you have known the 28 things to do to become rich and successful, we would love to know if you have any difficulty in understanding any one of these or you like to appreciate this article, please do let us know through the comment section. 

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As much as we love your comments, we'd like to keep it moderated especially against spams, dirty talks, hate speeches and unwarranted links.

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