Don't Waste Sperm! Is it Actually Good To Swallow Semen? Find Out Now Plus It's Nutritional Value

Droplets of semen-like liquid from banana

Summarized details you should know about the ingestion of semen

  • Is it safe to ingest semen?

  • What are the side effects of ingesting semen?
  • What is the difference between swallowing and exposed to semen?
  • What does it taste and smell like?
  • Can I get an STI from swallowing semen?
  • Should I rather not try it since some people might be allergic to it?
  • Is there any insurance in its protein claims?

What is semen?

Typically known as sperm - it is an unruffled, creamy and ferocious liquid-like element of the human reproductive system that is made up of spermatozoa and fluid called seminal plasma, and it is negligibly yellowish or greyish in color. 

What does African community think about swallowing semen?

Of importance, we need to understand that semen consists of two elements: the sperm and the fluid. Approximately, it is said that, that 1-5 percent of the semen is the tadpole-like reproductive cells that contain half of the genetic information needed to create human offspring. The seminal plasma fluid makes up the test and it's said to be about 80% water.

You probably have seen it before, especially in adult movies - but the question keeps popping up now and then in your mind - is it actually safe to ingest sperm? 

This kind of question is rarely discussed in African communities because of some only-them-know-why reasons. It's obvious that the justification of avoidance is rooted in the disgust of the act itself. It is termed as an extreme sexual practice and of course, concluded as being dirty. Perhaps only by negligence in ecstasy, but generally speaking, African girls would normally avoid any lip contact with sperm. 

Is it safe to swallow semen?

The question again - Is it actually safe to swallow semen? The answer is Yes - as long as you are certain about the health conditions of your partner as related to STI's (sexually transmitted infections) and Bacteria.

Swallowed sperm is processed in the same manner as food in your digestive system, so practically and to a large extent, it is safe to ingest sperm because semen is made up of some nutritional components such as:

What is semen made up of?

Lactic acid
Sugar, both fructose and glucose

Does semen contain large amount of protein?

Contrary to what many believe about sperm being rich in protein; yes, like rightly stated above, protein is part of its components, but you would have to drink a large amount of it to see any dietary benefits health-wise. Protein is just a small part of its components - about one-twentieth of the whole fluid that is released. The amount of ejaculate as science has proven, ranges from person to person and depending on a number of factors such as age and health status.

Does semen contain calories? How much calories does semen contain?

You might also wish to know if sperm has calories. Yes, it has calories, but sperm isn't highly caloric - contrary to what many believe. It is a myth to think that the reason that girl is getting irrationally fat is because of the sperm she absorbs in her body.

How does swallowing semen help in stress? Is semen an antidepressant?

There are some research claims that point out that engaging in sexual activity decreases depression. Whether this claim is inclusive and true of swallowing sperm is unknown. But what is known is that sperm contains some antidepressant components such as:

What antidepressant components does semen contain?

thyrotropin-releasing hormone

These antidepressants are said to be natural and potentially a mood booster. Some intellectual sections claim that apart from semen serving as a mood booster, there are also stress-relieving properties in the semen - this claim is evidently from the presence of progesterone and oxytocin hormones that are found in the semen.

Furthermore, antioxidants and vitamin C present in the semen, as claimed, could help in the reduction of sperm impairment by combatting oxidative stress within the semen.

Should I rather not try it since some people are allergic to swallowing semen


It is very rare to find someone who is allergic to semen. Sperm or semen does no harm to the body unless it's infected with bacteria and STI'S. However, some people are allergic to semen as it causes symptoms that are unfriendly. This is medically known as human seminal plasma hypersensitivity (HSP).

This sensitivity is actually noteworthy should you ever experience an allergic reaction.

It is true that some people are allergic to semen buts it's very rare to find - just a very small percentage of the entire population of women. One cannot actually say of course beforehand if a particular person is allergic to it, but if perchance you start noticing any of these symptoms below, please seek the attention of a doctor immediately especially when the signs are severe - difficulty in breathing. 

Again, please see a doctor immediately if any of these symptoms continue. The symptoms of allergy to semen would normally show up within 20 - 30 minutes of contact or ingestion. The symptoms tend to vary from person to person and it may actually take a longer or shorter time than the stated 20-30 minutes. See a doctor immediately if you notice any changes to your body. Possible symptoms are ( not in particular order):

What are the symptoms of allergy to swallowing semen?

difficulty breathing

What does semen taste and smell like?

Banana shaped like male genital organ

The taste and smell of semen vary from person to person (people have their individual opinion of how it tastes and smells) and it depends on some other external factors like health condition, diet, and hygiene. Some are likely to say it is sweet and pleasant to smell while some might think otherwise. So there's no actual description of how semen tastes or smells. It also depends on flair and personalization. Someone who dislikes the idea of swallowing semen from the onset might conclude that the taste is bitter, salty and the smell, unbearable. But give the semen to someone who is indifferent or inclined towards it, and she would gladly savor it all up, gulped, and enjoyed like ice cream.

On the other hand, the taste and smell of semen can be altered by some other factors like sweat and dried pee. Semen is definitely not like the vagina that skews more acidic - semen is a little bit alkaline and neutral. 

What are the other Information I need to learn about swallowing semen?

It is claimed that semen can help in pregnancy health.

You may feel tired or sleepy after being exposed or swallowing semen during sexual intercourse due to the presence of a natural hormone that the body releases. This hormone regulates sleep cycles and it's found in semen.

Can I get an STI from swallowing semen?

Swallowing of semen can put one at risk of getting STI like any other unprotected sex.

Discuss properly, and be sure to know the health condition of whose semen you're likely to swallow or come in contact with.

What is the medical and scientific validation about swallowing semen?

Nothing comes with full proof as some of these theories are based on perception and inconclusive analyses.

You're the only one who can actually decide not to waste the semen of your spouse by swallowing it and enjoying its nutritional value.


Remember, seeking the attention of a doctor is very paramount if you notice any form of symptoms arising from your allergy to semen or sperm.

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