Critical Issue: The Rat Race Between APC and PDP and The Charade Called Governance - Volume 1

Nigeria coat of arms

My Beloved Country and  The Charade Called Governance

It is of a sad note that the political identity of Nigeria has been cloned. Nigeria is continually looking more and more pathetic and there's not just a single soul taking a look at the mirror before us to see what has become of the face of the Pride of Africa. Did i just say the pride of Africa? Well, let me continue with my article. Nigeria, once upon a time, danced with lofty pride in the middle of the park, elegantly like a peacock with all its rainbow colours amidst the envy of foreign observers. This same beloved country of ours is however adrift - sailing away, like a wanderer, a running fugitive; far into the vast waters without a specific coordinate.

Nigerian flag hoisted high

Nigeria  is continually looking sick at the dawn of each day, yet on a self-destructive voyage; because she is like an ailing man who is seriously in need of proper attention in an ICU, but refuses to go to the hospital, Instead he calls a home doctor for serial checkups.

The shelter that is called Nigeria has seemingly turned to a hunted harbour for many. 

Three men of different races standing behind a demographic shape of Nigeria

My beloved country is like that Fisherman at the heart of a river with lots of catch but a weak vessel to transport them home. I fear my Beloved country is like a brake-less van, decapitated in weariness and falling off an ageing bridge with full passengers onboard, downward into the unpleasant embrace of the blackened still water - amidst farmished beasts.

Nigeria flag

The Labour of Our Heroes Past Shall Never Be in Vain

Alhaji Aminu Kano

Anthony Enahoro in his later years

Herbert Macaulay

In just about 60 years, there's nothing left that epitomizes the struggle of our heroes past. The Relics of their tears is now but just a sedimentary of clay blocks collapsing apart under the ferocity of a vulcano called corruption.

Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa

Nnamdi Azikiwe

Obafemi Awolowo

The involvement of their hard labour and blooded tears mixed with sincere emotions and the audacity to dream of our collective freedom; scorched under the sun as they truged willingly and tirelessly, even with sored feets, hauled down the deep of external conspiracies, yet onward, with nobility the only thing on their minds - they ascertained a glorious morning and established the values that we trample upon now with reckless abandon.

Woman heroes of Nigeria

Woman heroes of Nigeria

Collage of Nigerian social activists

Activist and Social reformer Ken Saro Wiwa

Aftobeat Legend and activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Ken Saro Wiwa must not die in vain

Ken Saro Wiwa

Legendary human right lawyer, activist and social reformer Gani Fawehinmi

Human right lawyer, activist and social reformer Gani Fawehinmi

Woman heroes of Nigeria

The Fallacy

I refuse to subscribe to these fallacies - notably among them are the ignorant mention that the country will divide with an Igboman as President, and the amalgamation of the two protectorates was a mistake. I disagree with their brainwashing mechanism because I am unapologetically a true patriot and a staunch believer of the Federal Character.

Collage of Nigeria Presidents and Head of State since 1960

 An Igboman will serve his/her term and make way for another President. It was not a mistake, it is not a mistake and it will never be a mistake - the amalgamation of Nigeria. The missing link and the bitter truth is that we have all lost our individual and collective purposes.
Naija on

These fallacies and hypnotic agendas is purposely installed and dubiously coerced into our DNA from the top of our genetic hierarchy since 1966 by some serious no-laughing-political-conmen who 'are' hell bent in bringing upon us all more doom. Possibly, many of these men 'aren't' amongst us now, but most definitely, the structure they laid lives here with us.

Relics of Nigerian civil war biafran soldiers marching

 The 1966 Coup

Relics of Nigeria Civil war Biafra men surrender

Biafra soldier commanding at battle front during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Locally made Biafra missile during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Ojokwu never lost the war and Nigeria did not win either. Those who lost the war are the more than three million (innocent soldiers and civillians) dreams that perished unfulfilled, and those who won the war are the faceless blood sucking monsters that instigated the war - a few (ext.) of which i suppose are still roaming around the corridors of power without remorse.

Odumegwu Ojukwu inspecting the Biafran soldiers with a parade band during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Relics of Nigeria-Biafra Civil war old woman rescued from a shattered house

Soldiers inspecting a missile during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Nigerian soldiers advancing during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Canoe transportation of the wounded during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Biafran soldiers celebrates on a conquered Nigeria armoured vehicle

Relics of onitsha market during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Migration of locals during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

As kids they will always tell us to speak the truth and let the devil be ashamed. The 1966 coup wasn't a Biafran coup. It was an all inclusive coup but something went wrong. I have read lots of conflicting accounts of the coup, some of which I suppose are sponsored or altered truths - indeed, only the players then can truly tell the tales. However, one thing is certain - the coup was a baseless one, culminating to a nonsensical show of ego by two elephants and resulting to the death of millions and the epileptic state of our common value as one nation - the brunt of its consequences is the charade called governance and followership today.

Anthony Enahoro in a peace meeting in his youthful days during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Nigerian soldiers aggressively advance during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Hungry and malnourished children during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Citizens rejoice from the surrender of Biafra after the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Welcoming the Igbos back into Nigeria after the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Yakubu Gowon welcoming foreign delagates during the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

Odumegwu Ojukwu in a peace meeting before the Nigeria Biafra Civil war broke out

People on the street demonstrating after the Nigeria Biafra Civil war

One of the so-called reasons for the coup was the free flowing looting and siphoning of public funds, yet take a look around you today and tell me which is greater - the looting of then or the one of now? One can only imagine how NDDC spent such a ridiculous amount of money in less than six months, yet not a single life in that region was positively affected.

NDDC Chairman faints before the National Assembly panel

EFCC Chairman Magu alleged fraudulent activities

Nigeria corrupt practices

Pensioners crying out loud for payment

EFCC men in action

NDDC Chairman faints before national assembly panel

NDDC Chairman faints before national assembly panel and medically checked

Guys,tell him that Nigerians have seen that fainting game movie before. Tell him that the season four was a sell out though and we will not be surprised to see the season five anytime soon. Greed and wickedness in contracts is also contributing to the gradual liquidation of the national treasury.

NDDC acting Chairman faints before national assembly panel

NDDC chairperson

See a photo collection of the Fainting Game Movie

The corrupt fainting game in Nigeria collage

President Yar'adua and My Instinct

I don't know why I have this Instinct in me that Yar'adua could have made a very good President had it not been for that ageless friendly-foe of man, death. He had Vision. He clearly knew what he wanted and how to go about it. His ideology and short lived implementations addressed our common problems with enthusiasm for a permanent solution. As the first university graduate to assume presidency, he clearly was a technocrat who had no favouritism whatsoever.

Adams Oshiomhole and Festus Keyamo

Gani Fawehinmi and Festus Keyamo and others in a meeting

These two were considered by many as God's sent, following in the footprints of Gani Fawehinmi. Finally, so we thought, these men will defend the course of justice and social equality.

Olusegun Obasanjo and Adams Oshiomole in a labour chat

Adams Oshiomole NLC

Adams Oshiomole in NLC struggle

We had thought that their voices will be heard with ours in the campaign for good governance, the establishment of a working democracy and better living for the masses, but its not to be because right now, their voices are in fact more silent than usual, like the fall of a needle on beach sand.

Newspaper readers on the street

Adams Oshiomole wounded in NLC struggles

Adams Oshiomole addressing the police in NLC struggles

Adams Oshiomole addressing the media and the public in NLC struggles

Adams Oshiomole salutes fellow comrades  in NLC struggles

We actually looked upon them to fight and be voices for the suffering masses without being lured to the enormous wealth in politics.

Adams Oshiomole NLC

Adams Oshiomole addresses APC party members

Oshiomhole and Keyamo, are now embroidered in an unending tale of political mess. From godfather-ism gone awkward to rotten campaign strategies against the opposition. Indeed, If you can't beat them you join them - Isn't it? Who blames who anyway!

Festus Keyamo in his law regalia

Festus Keyamo address the media

Festus Keyamo


Defection among the Nigerian political class is in fact as common as a pair of baby slippers in aswani market. The tag since 2015 is #defecttoapcandyourlootingsinsareforgiven. Godswill Akpabio and the rest can actually revel in the freedom and more opportunities such 'patriotism' affords them.

Former Governor of akwaibom state Godswill Akpabio

You will see below the pathetic state of our political parties in the photos depicting a series of cross-party defections.

Collage depicting Nigerian party defections Dino melaye and smart adeyemi

The catalyst for these defections is none other than desperation for power. Until elective positions is made unattractive, these men will continue to feast nonstop on our treasury.

Yet we were promised change - I guess not only as a mantra but by concrete means of implementation of their promises and our believe that corruption will finally be ousted out by this government.

Maybe its pretty hard to govern this country because of the presence of the numerous sharks ravaging the national treasury recklessly. But one thing is certain, for the first time Nigerians didn't vote for The Party; Oh yes! We voted in 2015 and 2019, believing in the personality of the man in charge as a no-nonsense disciplinarian during the military regime. We had hoped that with his coming, corruption will be reduced to the barest minimum and the establishment of strict penalties for anyone found guilty.

Nigerian Presidents  1999 -2023

There was the Obasanjo international legacy and the President who trekked to school barefooted and promised us a breath of fresh air. Yet till this date, it is still a battle royal between the crocodiles and the unfortunates.

Nigerian Military

I recently watched a Facebook video posted by Femi Fani-Kayode on the Nigerian army parade that took place somewhere in Scotland and I was sincerely knocked off my feet by their beautiful rendition, amidst even more colourful traditional display at the center as the soldiers formed a wall around them. Then I Began to wonder if Nigerian leaders can reciprocate such beauty in the lives of these men of Valor of ours, who sacrifices their lives day and night in Defence of our National Unity.

Nigerian soldiers parade in Edinburgh Scotland

Our military is one of the most respectable in the world and if they are well equipped and taken care of, one cannot imagine the extent these living heroes would go in keeping the peace and stability of this nation. Instead, what we hear about now is this new idea of negotiating, pampering and rewarding bandits. This current  trend highly degrading and a disrespect of our military system - it is absolutely ridiculous, morally reprehensible and highly depressing also for law-abiding citizens who work tirelessly everyday only to be paid a paltry sum of 20000 Naira monthly as NPower  salaries. If being a bandit and submitting an AK-47 will fetch you 2 cows probably worth about 300K, what will stop Nigerians from going to join the Bandits since there is a juicer reward.

Nigerian soldiers parade

Nigerian soldiers parade with traditional dancers in Edinburgh Scotland

I know that there might be a reason for that decision, but sincerely, peace is a very hard line. You don't achieve true peace by pacifying your enemie. They will always return to ask for more - the Oliver Twist syndrome.

Nigerian soldiers parade with dancers in Edinburgh Scotland

Final Thought

There was a country a book by Chinua Achebe

'Indeed' there was a country. I have had the opportunity to read that historical book by Chinua Achebe of blessed memory. Our country Nigeria,  isn't just affected  by corruption, but largely  by the wickedness in the heart of Men. When i say men, i do not just mean only the leaders but also the followers. There is definitely no country in the world where corruption does not exist. The real issue here in Nigeria is that we seem to have added realtime wickedness into the act of corruption. From  the individual to the family set up, society and at large, the nation - the orientation  that we have  right now is getting into leadership and then looting as much as we can - afterall its not our fathers company, many would say! This ideology  must stop, starting from us; at our business places, at our work places and those areas where we can make even the smallest of impact. We must try  selflessly to drive a little sanity  into  the heart of men and stop our darling nation from plunging more and more into the deep called wicked corruption.

The Tearing Down of a nation starts from the weariness of morality in the family.

We should consider that posterity is awaiting to judge us all. Let us remember that the seed we sow today is the germinated plant that we harvest tomorrow.

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