5 Most Important Things You Should Know Now About Love

Wedding rings as a symbol of the most important things to know now about love in a relationship

These are the most important things to know about love and relationships.

You too can overcome Relationships-Life issues.

A loving relationship is always beautiful. Love sweeps you off your feet. Do you know love isn't found in fairy tales alone - such as the Cinderella and Prince Charming stories that have stayed evergreen overtime? You too can experience a fairy tale kind of love in your relationship. The coming together of two hearts in a relationship is a natural phenomenon; this means that Love is natural. Love cannot be forced or coerced. Love can only happen with mutual agreement. Love cannot be mistaken - you're either in Love or out of Love. Love is magical and mystical when you're really in a true love relationship. 

We cannot help but keep emphasizing on the importance of love in every sphere of human relationships. Love is the force that binds and keeps all together against evil and helps the continual existence of humans and other animals alike. Below are the five most important things you should know about love.

1. Love Starts From Within

First, it's important you understand that love begins from within. You cannot love another if you fail to love yourself. You have to love yourself first. The best way to finding true love in another person is by finding true love in yourself. Self-love is very important if you want to experience a sweet relationship with your significant other. 

Self-love isn't Pride; it's about appreciating yourself and having an identity. Speaking about identity in a true love relationship - Identity isn't just about you being the other half of your significant other. Identity is also about keeping tabs of your preferences - hobbies, interests, style, and so on. You shouldn't work yourself so hard in trying to please your partner. His preferences might not be yours, but if there's an understanding, love is bound to excel and the relationship is bound to grow. It is in keeping your identity that you can truly love your partner more. Remember that true love starts from within so love yourself. It's most likely your partner will love you more when you start loving and being yourself. Being in love is about savoring the beautiful you, shared with your partner.

Saying I love you when you truly mean it In a relationship a

2. True Love is about Giving 

Love goes through its own storms and it's constantly faced with unpredictable results and unfathomable heights of doubts sometimes. Love in some cases is misinterpreted, and sadly, in this present generation, love is considered to be a dream and some sort of archaic practice.

But when you come to understand the true meaning of love, you will discover that it is the Act of giving, giving, and giving - expecting nothing much in return. Love in its true definition is pain expressed through strength and unblemished positive desire. Please don't get it twisted here; there's always that human limitation if those giving and giving isn't reciprocated. If your own version of love is all about demanding, demanding, and demanding, then it's not love - you're a selfish lover and partner. In fact, you're not in love. You're an enemy of love.

Love is the most important thing in a relationship. In marriages, love is the Chariot that takes them all the way in the journey of holy matrimony. As we take you on a journey of What Love Is All About and What Love Looks Like especially in courtship and marital relationships, we would expect that you open your heart to the message and learn from these five most important things you should know now about love.

Love is an experience, therefore it occurs over time, not particularly a one-day thing - but it starts from a moment and gradually develops into a stronger form of like and affection.

Sometimes we do get unrequited love from those we really care about. No matter the dark areas you find yourself in the sphere of human relationships, there is always something beautiful to hold unto when Love is in play. Don't give up on love even when not appreciated and heartbroken.

3. Love is not a name of any person, animal, place or thing - Love is a VERB

Just as pointed earlier, love is an experience, and experiences are always active - as a rolling ball. It's not static, station,  stagnant, opaque, or rigid. It involves participation and genuine contribution from both parties to stand any chance of surviving in a relationship. Remember that your partner is a human, so you'll do well by always sharing your feelings instead of waiting and expecting him/her to read your mind. Many relationships have collapsed because of this silly, simple, and excusable bumps. You must show every sign of commitment and passion. True love lasts forever, don't forget.

Love is like a flower that requires constant watering for it to grow. Love is sacrificing even when it hurts. When Love is in play, you go all the way to please your partner even when you don't feel like it.

The active part of Love is in fact despicable at some point that you start asking yourself if you are doing enough to keep the flame of love burning; strange, but that's how it is - you just must keep on watering it and fanning the flames. You cannot attain the level of Cinderella and Prince Charming with a Noun kind of love. A sour love ( Divorce and Separation) is a product of dormant participation. Love is always looking out for what more to do! You don't expect to feel love when you don't give love. Love isn't something you pick on the way or bump into like that. Love is not a giveaway - it's a hard-earned profit. Love is not a noun - Love is a verb.

4. Love is not a fairytale script

Funny, isn't it? Since the beginning of this article, I have been talking about love as a fairytale - Cinderella and Prince Charming. The truth is love in a relationship isn't all that fairytale; rather, love is a mixture of fairytale and war scripts with a happy-ever-after ending.

You will definitely or probably have conflicts with your partner, now and then. What is most important is the ability to solve these problems amicably even before going to bed. Though the conflicts, you should take note that love does not grow in a militarized environment. So these conflicts should stay drastically minimal and eventually stopped with a better understanding of your partner. The virtue of forgiveness and the ability to forget wrongs is an essential ingredient in love management. The journey itself is normally difficult than the beginning - that's life and love is not excluded from this theory.

Staying in love requires that you keep your eyes away from side distractions and overlooking many wrongs. Overlooking wrongs comes with specifications though, nevertheless, the ability to manage anger is a vital tool to save any given day of such conflicts without necessarily involving a third-party.

The fact that you understand the human (erring) nature of your partner will help in calming the situation faster and better. Endeavor not to focus on your partner, instead focus on the problem. There is always a distinct difference between the personality and the subject. Say for instance:

"Must you always cheat? What is it that you see or gain in cheating? Maybe I am not good enough at the moment in bed for you, but have I ever given you an indication that I am unwilling to learn? Do you realize the many blessings you take away from this family when you cheat? Do you realize the spiritual insecurity you put us into when you cheat? It's not just about me Dapo - it's also about you and the many blessings you should be getting when you stay faithful".

The situation will be calmed and the cheating Act will stop when you speak in this manner to a 'sensible' man. I mean a sensible man who truly wants things to work. A sensible man who truly values his relationship with you. A sensible man who truly loves you. Remember that the grass isn't greener on the other side so, it's actually better and greener where you water it.

A moment of love between two Asian young couple

5. Love is happiness. 

Love dies in the heart of an unhappy person. An unhappy partner is never committed to loving you. Don't be deceived! You will get nothing more than pain, emptiness, grief, and uncertainty in a relationship when you are dealing with an unhappy partner. Love can only grow where both parties are happy; happy that they found each other at last, happy to steal kisses at odd places, happy to hold hands in public. Happy even when lack is evident. Remember the old saying that there can only be progress where there is peace. That is true also about relationships of any kind - courtship and matrimonial relationships inclusive. It isn't right for peace to be momentarily especially in marriages. Peace and happiness should be continuous, inhibited, and propelled each day between partners. There just must be enough amount of happiness for love to make any meaning. This Is What Love Is All About.

Sadly, many homes are unhappy and it in fact hurts even a neutral to see them in public places with beguiled smiles and phony hugs. Do you know that many couples are only keeping it together because of their children? Do you also know that the only time some couples have kissed themselves in public is during the exchange of vows? Some couples (I am talking about young couples) have not even made love for months. Some couples are so carried away with the stress of hustle and bustle that they have totally forgotten how to be a good partner. There is no true happiness in many homes today and that is the reason for the surge in infidelity and divorce cases.


These are the most important things in a relationship.
These are the most important things in courtship
These are the most important things in marriage

To understand what love looks like, to know what love is all about and the essence of love in a relationship, you should never forget that:

1. Love starts from within
2. True Love is about giving
3. Love is not a noun - Love is a Verb
4. Love is not a Fairytale Script
5. Love is Happiness

Let us hear your share of experiences and love stories through the comment section. Remember, True love is an important ingredient needed to enjoy a lasting relationship with your partner. I wish you love-filled life.

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