Surefire Signs Your Wife is Cheating On You

20 Surefire Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Nearly a fifth of women cheat on their partners at some point in the relationship or in fact, constantly.
You're not alone on this and its sometimes not paranoia. Its reality; that's the kind of world we live in - men cheat, women cheat. I'm really sorry to have started bluntly. If the truth must be told, then we should not be economical with it.

Relationship in this age isn't what it use to be in time past. There was more consistency those days, unlike the rampart spread of mediocrity in this our contemporary world.

Its no strange thing to find your wife cheating anymore; for some, out of experience, they'd conclude that its normal, even if it hurts - next is divorce. Again, the rate of divorce cases is quite alarming and I must say at this juncture that the trend is sadly becoming disgusting.

Though this article is centralized on how to discover a cheating wife, but there are better ways to go around it other than divorce and violence. I will highly recommend that you go through this topic before reading further: (5 WAYS TO MAKE A CHEATING WIFE LOVE AND DESIRE YOU MORE AND STOP CHEATING + THE HEALING PROCESS)

Now to our topic. Sure you're worried that your wife is cheating on you but you're still not sure. I'm sure you don't like to go about nosing every corner like a Police Dog - sniffing out infidelity. You just want the sure fire signs. Something real that she can't deny. Relax your nerve - I understand, but listen; if you're not prepared to be calm after discovery, please don't read further. Please and please, don't read further. Better to stay blind than knowing the truth and acting otherwise. This is a warning for men with high octave anger. Maybe this article isn't what you are looking for, so I am candidly advising that you go through this topic - 7 AMAZING SECRETS FOR KEEPING YOUR  WIFE HAPPY.

Working women are more likely to cheat than stay-at-home mums.These working women are most likely to cheat with their coworker. The reality is that these working women engage side by side for hours working with various degrees of men in their offices. From a randy boss to a casanova assistant - the pressure, the lure and the temptations sometimes are too great for them to conquer. If your wife remains faithful to you, count yourself very lucky. Because if she start accounting how many men she has rebuffed just to stay faithful to you, then you'd start looking at yourself as being stupid having not treated her like the queen she really is. According to experts, women that have been married for 7 Years and are in their mid 30s are more likely to be engaged in extramarital affairs. Perhaps because the man is running out of ideas of keeping her happy or like the proverbial Oliver Twist - she wants more. Mind you that infidelity has got nothing to do with money. Yes, it is contrary to what many believe - that lack of money in the family makes a woman unfaithful. "Listen, if she's unfaithful when you have no money, it is more likely that she will be unfaithful when you have plenty money." So, before we start our list, here are tips of making your marriage last forever: 3 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE LAST FOREVER

Before you continue with your cheat, dear woman, do remember that children of cheaters are more likely to repeat family history. Read about the scarlet woman.

Many women think an affair is perfectly okay even if the marriage stinks; she's actually just keeping it together with you for the kids while f***ing your neigbour to keep her sanity in check.

When a woman starts getting insanely curious about your whereabouts and she's constantly staying late at work. When she's becoming more and more upfront. If she's oversharing details when you ask her about her day, and in another scenario, she starts accusing you of cheating on her and she gets angry every so often... these are surefire signs.
Second marriages are higher in divorce and adultery than first marriages.
Wives report a significant decline in marital satisfaction. Women who ain't feeling the moves anymore in the bedroom will likely go for an adventure. You might be very good at what you do, but if she ain't feeling your touch anymore, then she's going to seek that satisfaction elsewhere.

Women who never attend religious services are 2.5 times more likely to cheat than those who attend more than once a week

If she all of a sudden and concurrently starts avoiding your friends and family, then she's probably building a different world that you aren't part of. A link to this is that she will start avoiding specific restaurant or dates for your normal hangouts. The prospect and consciousness of leaving you someday will somehow hijack her emotions towards you.
Something you can be certain about is that a woman cannot love two men at the same time. 

If she vehemently starts refusing you to do the laundry recently, of which its a norm between the both of you before, then there's a problem. If she's the type who normally is carefree with her undies and then all of a sudden there's a routine change in her in putting her clothes straight into the laundry, then there's a bigger problem.

This does not normally happen unless when the relationship has drifted into the rocky territory; She changes her marital status on social media accouts and post less or no pictures of you.

Couples who enter therapy after an affair report that they had been spending less time together than typical married couples do.

Men like to think that, once they're married, they've "got that covered." Then their wives wander off with someone who makes them feel adored again. Here's where men get it wrong. A woman constantly need to know that she's adored and valued. A major boost of an extramarital affair, says women who stray, is the ego of their husbands. A man feels completely secured, like she's bound to remain faithful no matter his flaws. Here's the bad news; those your egoistic rules aren't for women of this age - they read every single move you make and reciprocate your ego by finding some other guy who will adore her.

Women who tend to be narcissistic and who crave sexual variety and excitement are more likely to jump ship than women with less neurotic personality traits.

She all of a sudden has an STD and you don't

A cheating wife starts hanging out often with her single friends. That kind of single mom caucus - its always a coup for freedom.

Women who are friendly and extroverted get propositioned the most. Such people get used to being adored more - and they into infidelity more.

When she starts treating you more like a friend and her phone is always in silence. If she's got her phone and her media accounts a new password or she repeatedly just keep changing passwords; If you start noticing her receiving strange calls and in fact there's a lit of smiles amidst those guilts, then she's probably into another.

When she starts working out more too often, Changing salons, buying new clothes and  enhancing her physical appearance: Its a surefire sign that she's up to something or she's started already. She's trying to look appealing to the new guy.

If your wife introduces sex toys or has a favorite new position that seems outside of her usual repertoire, she may have learned from a substitute teacher

Women's sex fantasies of other men nearly double during their days of peak fertility

This is an old tip; if she's calling another brother's name in bed, then bro, you're not in the picture anymore. Take heart.

A cheating wife confides less and less in her husband

Women who say they're "not too happy" in their marriages are nearly four times more likely to have an affair than women who say their marriage is "very happy".

She's trying to hide her guilts when she starts giving you gifts for no reason and when she's asking for new adventures in the bedroom, she's probably trying to patch the relationship and getting you up to date. She isn't far gone at this point because she wants you back.

When she's unhappy and finally gets over the depression of unhappiness, she starts finding peace in looking better; from her clothing to her make-up, she just wants to appear better to be noticed by other men. It is a conscious activity. Then she starts ignoring you and you guys start spending  more time apart in words, physical contacts and emotions shared. She's at this point withdrawing any chance of the relationship surviving.

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