How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You More - The 10 Practical Ways

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Practical Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You More Seriously

In a continuation of my relationship series, I would love to give out this bonus article; How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You More - The 10 Practical Ways. It probably would make perfect sense to learn what you can do that will sure make your boyfriend miss you more seriously. As always, this blog relationship articles are strictly for those who care enough for their relationship to grow.

Have you ever heard about “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” That's true. Well, whether you’re trying to spice up your relationship or trying to keep things flowing really cool in a long distance relationship, getting your boyfriend miss you more seriously is the secret ingredient in your love portion.

It feels nice to be wanted and even better to be desired. Its not always like  that if your participation is rigid and static. You have to add spices and Learn eventful ways about how to make him miss you more by understanding these simple tips:

How to make your boyfriend miss you more seriously 10 practical ways

1. Maintain a signature scent that keeps you in his heart

First of these practical ways to make your boyfriend miss you more seriously is to understand the power in body fragrance. The scent of a woman never leaves a man's heart unless where there's no love shared between them.

By having your signature perfume on whenever you're with him, so that gradually he'd start getting use to it, you are speaking to his subconscious mind, in the sense that he starts identifying you with that scent. Now, the choice of your body spray, perfume, lotion, or shampoo isn't about how expensive it is; rather it's more about how pleasant, marching, glorious and sexy the smell. It might simply not be about perfumes and the rest; it might actually just be about your natural body fragrance or some sort of bathing soap. The motive is to have him thinking about you every time he perceives anything faintly similar.

2. Find your way to his heart through palatable meals

Whether he be western, Asian or African, it's is generally known that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Real men love home made food, especially the ones cooked by their mother and girlfriend. I wish you had a CCTV camera installed in the dining to see how much he relish your food whenever you're not around. Men at some point in their lives gets sick and tired of eating out. They always look forward to meet  a woman who can make sweet home made meals for them.

This is where you come in since you're already his girlfriend, take advantage of this and make him those special soups he'd ordinarily never find outside. You're practically making him to miss you more seriously with those delicious home made chickens. It's not all that bad if you can't cook, what's really bad is when you're too busy and proud to learn.

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3. There's nothing more gratifying to a man's heart than the love, care, respect, and affection from a significant other.

Even if he pretends about it, he knows deep inside of him that he cannot do without you. He knows that you're always there for him when he needs a shoulder to lean on.

He knows that with you there's no mountain too high to climb. He knows you're his first aid when things go wrong. He knows that you're the one that calls him back to order whenever he's likely going astray. He knows you're his doctor when he feels unwell. Your love, care, respect, and affection makes your boyfriend miss you more seriously.

You just have to make your boyfriend realize how important and valuable you are to him. Be him suspicious of your style or not, let him understand in practical terms that loosing you will cost him a lot. Give him an indication through your character and selflessness; an indication louder than a stadium speaker, that he's bound to regret it if he ever consider leaving you because he's never going to find another as committed as you. When he realizes all these, he's bound to love and care for you more.

4. Avoid him sometimes and stay unavailable

This is the banger, I know. Probably you're thinking I'm insane telling you to avoid your boyfriend sometimes. Listen - here's the jerk! Staying away from him occasionally makes him search for you and yearn for your company.

There's likely no reason to miss you more if you're always around him. Yes I know, being in love with your boyfriend makes him a part of your daily routine, but to make him miss you more seriously, you need to create your own space - give room for the transmission of feelings. It's like hunting down two birds with one stone; by avoiding him sometimes and pretending to be unavailable, you're making your importance and values diffuse into his heart, and at the same time, it serves as a checker to know the level of his  temperament, commitment and love for you.

Out of sight is out of mind for some, remember. Dear sister, you just have to be sure if you aren't wasting your time hanging around a loveless man. If your been out of his sight equals to out of his mind, it's obvious then that this particular practical ways of making your boyfriend miss you more seriously, has given you an insight into what he has in store for you. If it's the opposite, please move on.

5. Keep him waiting

Did I just hear someone use the F word on me! Well, whether you like it or not, humans will always be humans. One little secret that I've used to excel in Relationships-Life issues is that I expect nothing more or less from humans; They are an embodiment of both good and bad traits.

That's why before you get married to a man, it's very important you see him in these five stages: when he's broke, when he's happy, when he's mad, when he's stable and when he's hurt (Jealous, despair...). Keeping a man's calls and texts waiting will either make him miss you more seriously or reveal his ugly insecurities.

These practical ways of getting your boyfriend miss you more can also help you to understand the kind of man you're dating. There's a possibility he start showing you his real self even though you are only pretending to keep his call waiting. As you know, insecurity isn't a masculine thing, but there are men with this trait. So if you happen to be dating an insecure guy, you really have to be very careful about how you keep his calls and messages waiting.

Bottom line is, always show him that you got other things to attend to, so sometimes when he randomly calls, it is best to make him wait before answering his call and messages. When he sees how much you're valued out there, he will tend to value and miss you more.

How to make your boyfriend miss you more seriously 14 practical ways

6. Hangout with the girls

'Baby, should I come pick you out this evening at the close of work?'. 'No baby, I'll be hanging out with the girls...I'll be with you next weekend, love you'.

Shouldn't be all the time. Give yourself a break and hang out with the girls. Show him pictures of your girls night out and in fact video call him. Let him see how much fun you can have without him. It's natural for him to want to impress you more than your girls in your next outing together. Men are so good at chasing and they enjoy it, but when you're always available for him anytime he calls, it's normal that you start loosing your value in the relationship. Maintain a small space between the both of you. Give him a reason to want to chase after your love. He will love and miss you more when he chases after your attention. Please, don't get me wrong here - I am not talking about keeping too much distance or value your girls above him. You just don't have to hangout with him all the time; that way, you'll make him miss you more seriously.

7. Encourage him to hangout with his friends

Another fun way of making your boyfriend miss you more seriously is the reverse way of you hanging out with your girls as mentioned above - let him hangout with his friends.

Truth is don't choke him. If he wants a night out with his friends and these friends are co-workers and trustworthy people, please let him go. Don't always insist he stays with you all the time. It's fair to want to know the kind of friends he's hanging out with, but don't stuck him. Don't be clingy because he'll start seeing you like a burden. It's not always healthy for the relationship when your boyfriend thinks you're restricting his freedom. When you value his company with his friends, he builds confidence in you and automatically start valuing you even more than his friends, and ultimately he will want to spend more time with you than his friends.

This takes us to topic of dependency. Don't be too dependent on his presence or call him straight up anytime there's a little hitch somewhere. You should learn how to fix things yourself (financially too). When he knows that you can handle things on yourself, he'll appreciate and value you more, and consequently start offering his manly presence in your life. A man believes in a woman he can count on. His love is guaranteed to a woman who can help him to manage his life. This quality alone in a woman makes her boyfriend misses her more.

How to make your boyfriend miss you more seriously 14 practical ways

8. Employ the use of social media to make him miss you more

In a long distance relationship, social media helps to connect emotionally and intimately with your boyfriend.

Taking advantage of your feeds, statuses, stories and walls to post authentic new look and styles of you and tagging him on that makes him miss you more. He's always going to come back over and over again to the post and wish you were there with him. You'll make him miss you even more if he's the only outsider, apart from your girls and family tagged in the post. He will feels lonely and wants to be with you immediately. This idea isn't only for long distance relationship, you can apply it even if you're next door neighbors.

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